Your Little Southern Heart

Besides the beautiful scenery of the southeast coast another joy of living here has been the delicious southern foods.  Fresh seafood like locally harvested oysters are a delicacy in the months with the letter “R”

Tasty shrimp that are fun to devein and pop the heads off before cooking, in season taste like lobster to me

fresh shrimp
Fresh shrimp preparation-

Stop by a local seafood shack or drop a crab pot buoy into the creek to enjoy this delicious dinner-blue crabs

Signs for boiled peanuts along the roadside are common, totally different taste than hard peanuts

boiled peanuts
Roadside sign in south Georgia

Cool yourself off with an fresh squeezed lemonade

No southern breakfast is complete without a bowl of  grits, and for a dinner side it’s got to be vitamin packed collards

But before I get to dessert I’ll tell you all that one of my favorite southern dishes is a homemade waffle with fried chicken. The warm syrup drizzled over all of it is just so darn good!

Fried chicken and waffles
Fried chicken and waffles

To finish off the meal a stop by Byrd’s Famous Cookies  in Savannah to pick up a tin of Keylime Coolers won’t be disappointing.



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