St. Michael’s Alley

Charleston South Carolina

Here’s a few more from my walk through the waterfront, French Quarter and historic area of Charleston.  Founded in 1670 and often referred to the “Holy City” because of the many churches in the city.

St Michael's alley
The corner of Church and St. Michaels

The alley is narrow and, the blend of colors in the landscape and on the homes is warming

Tall narrow cedar
Tall narrow cedars used as privacy screens
Earthquake bolts
Pink stucco home with stars noting the earthquake bolts

The 1886 earthquake in Charleston was the largest to ever hit the eastern United States

St Michael's alley
Narrow alley with old brick wall and historic homes

As we turn the corner onto Meeting Street

South Carolina landmark
South Carolina Landmark Charleston
Hiberian Society Hall
Hiberian Society Hall 1841
The Fireproof building
The Fireproof Building- county records building
Charleston-Fireproof Building
The county records fireproof building in Charleston
Society Hall Charleston
South Carolina Society Hall-The Posteritati
Historical building Charleston
South Carolina Society Hall constructed 1803-1804

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  1. Talk about on a grand scale, Alice! 🙂 🙂 But those poplars would have to go- they block out so much light! Thanks for sharing. I’d love to visit Charleston and Savannah.

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