Orange Crush


A Valentines Day gift, that just keeps blooming.

Savannah, Georgia

Cee’s flower of the day

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A colorful slice

It’s a piece of cake for “Sweet E’s Bakery to make a six layer cake


I’m just lucky enough to have a pastry chef daughter, who baked me a cake with six “layers” for my birthday.

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On the Boardwalk



Port Royal SC
IMG_2451 9.20.43 PM
Port Royal SC

Port Royal South Carolina, Cypress Wetland Trail and observation tower


Okefenokee Swamp
Okefenokee tower

Okeefenokee Swamp Waycross Georgia, Boardwalk trail  and observation tower


Cee’s which way challenge


Lights out-Save the sea turtles



Not only is it unkind to disturb the nests along the South Carolina coast it is also illegal.  Loggerhead turtles are considered to be an endangered species. Here are some simple ways that you can help assist with their survival and the new baby turtles while enjoying a beach vacation.

  • Comply with the “lights out” policy if you are staying in an ocean front building
  • Remove your beach chairs and umbrellas from the beach in the evening
  • Do not leave any trash or plastic on the beach
  • Return any sandcastles or holes to the original surface when leaving the beach
  • Never disturb a nest, a nesting turtle or a hatchling

Doing these things will help the turtles from getting disoriented, tangled, trapped or unable to reach the nest.

If you are a new visitor to the beach, after taking a short walk you will likely find it preposterous,  that anyone would want to disrupt the lives of wildlife.




Photo credit: South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

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