Witch Hunt

Now that I am approaching my sixth week in Germany, I’ve picked up a few more words and a new way to get around.  I have only drove one time since arrival and that was on the motorway from Munich back to my daughters home, about a two hour journey.  It’s just not cozy for me so I will stick with public transportation.  The locals that helped me get to the bus stop that will take me in the right direction call the bus the “booz”.

The local train station has a nature trail map and this has been so helpful in finding some cool places to visit that are off the beaten path. Today I went on the hunt for the Hexenhausl.


I  took a regional bus into the City of Eschenbach. From that point I had a three mile walk towards a city park and lake.

The park was close to a busy road so accessing it by an under the road tunnel made things  easy.  There was a directional sign reassuring me that I was going in the right direction. Another 1.6 KM and I will be arrive.

The walk along the lake was cool and calming.  It had lakeside cottages and campsites that summer visitors were enjoying.

Soon enough just ahead of me was the recognizable sign from the map, time to find out what it’s all about


Although I was hoping to find an enchanted home occupied by a witch it turned out to be a friendly cafe on the lake.   A cold beverage and a chair was just what I really needed at the moment so any disapppointment at all quickly went away.  The owner and a few locals had a good time with English words I shared with them, while they were kind enough to share a German beer with me.


I’m really going to miss Germany, but it’s not time to go home yet.

Thanks for stopping by and tagging along on my outing.



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  1. In the city of Kempten you may find a public fountain reminding to the last witch convicted in Germany. Just a little bit more than 200 years have meanwhile passed by – really not much in historical dimensions.

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