Sea Island Parkway

Harbor River Bridge- South Carolina


We all agree that at times it is hard to say good-bye to structures of the past.  The Harbor Island bridge that connects St. Helena Island to Harbor Island is unique because it is a swing bridge.  Instead of lifting up to let boats through it swings open to the side.  It was built in 1939 as one of the “New Deal” projects.  The orange cones were out yesterday as the beginning stages of a new fixed-span bridge will take its place within the next 3 years.

Here is a closer look without the beautiful blue sky:


Only 20 feet in width makes it challenging to drive.

Just up the road at Lands End on the Broad River, you can appreciate the blue sky and how it reflects on the calm water:


To read more about Lands End and the mysterious light at night that will guide you to the water  click here

To visit the Sea Islands of South Carolina for a good dose of sunshine, wildlife, historical sites and beautiful scenery Beaufort South Carolina is a great place to start.

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  1. Wonderful blues, Alice. I like the first image for its clarity, leading lines and the way the blue of the bridge merges with the sky. I love bridges and this is a very attractive and interesting one.

    1. That all sounds good. My camera is a hobby and I’m not really sure how to use much more than the “auto” setting, thanks for the nice compliment

  2. I’m terrified of those bridges that lift up. I’ve never seen a swing bridge, though. That’s neat! The water is beautiful!

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