Flu Season Tips to Stay Healthy

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Colds and flu are well underway throughout the USA.

Peak flu season is typically between December and February.  We can all help by properly covering your cough and sneeze to help the spread of this virus.

Since I have not taken the flu shot I spoke to my doctor about being a higher risk during my visit to Germany.  I was surprised to know that the flu strain being treated this year in the US was the strain there last year.




After my last battle with the misery of the flu in 2012, here are a few tips I practice to keep it away:

  • I stay away from crowded places if possible, including the movie theater
  • I limit eating out, and if I do I wipe the table with the Clorox wipes
  • I carry the Clorox wipes on to the airplane and wipe the tray and armrests
  • Since children are germ carriers I stay away from birthday parties
  • I use the store wipes on the grocery carts
  • Hand washing as much as possible
  • Eat and drink your Vitamins to maintain a strong immune system

Maybe I’m extreme and you’re probably asking why I don’t get the shot.  My answer is that I take as little medicine of any kind as possible.

If you would like to keep up to date on flu and it’s severity by location Click here

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Best wishes for good health









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