Skidaway Island Nature Trail

Jay Wolf Nature Trail

Living on the coast offers many adventures and the chance to get a peek at wildlife in their natural habitat.  But on this day, my only plan was to have barbeque lunch in Sandfly, Georgia.

With the record-breaking temperature of 80 º, I put on my sandals to give my toes a break from socks and sneakers.  After a delicious lunch, I just had to stay outdoors and enjoy the day.  Minutes from Sandfly is Skidaway Island which has a state park and the University of Georgia Center for Marine Education Center.  There are an aquarium and a walking trail with a 1/2 mile path and a 1-mile path.  Even with the sandals, I decided on the 1-mile walk.  The 1/2 mile path has a rubber-like mat along the path.  The next half mile is a dirt trail and the ants and other bugs got to my toes.

Some of the trees and flowers have not come back yet, but it won’t be much longer.

The aquarium has a welcome area that you can obtain information and maps. There is not a charge to walk the trail, and the aquarium offers a senior discount.

The trail is alongside the Skidaway River.  With a dock to view the wildlife, fishing is prohibited, since it is a fish habitat enhancement project.

There are four cabins that once served as housing for the employees of the Roebling Farm.

From that point on the trail takes you alongside the river, under the old oaks and hanging moss.  I would suggest this as a year-round trail.  The summer will be hot and humid.  Also, bring the insect repellent you will need it.

The University has also implemented a community-based oyster restoration project. to create new oyster reefs.  Oyster shell is collected from private oyster roasts and restaurants,  put into mesh bags, and moved to specific oyster reef sites.


If you are visiting the Coastal Georgia/Savannah area this is near the Wormsloe  Historical Site


I hope you enjoyed the fresh air of the marsh, thanks for dropping by 🙂


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