Wormsloe Historical Site, Savannah Ga.


This scenic historic site located in  Savannah Georgia USA  can easily be missed by visitors to the area because it is off the beaten path of the Historic District of the city.  Located on Isle of Hope a coastal community in the southeast area of Savannah, this former plantation has an abundance of wildlife, salt marsh, historic ruins, a colonial village, a military battery and relaxing walking trails that will take you a step back in time.  The gateway canopy of oaks sets the pace for the breathtaking views you will see at Wormsloe.  The tree-lined avenue of 400 oaks is a 1.5-mile walk and other trails branch off from there.


The site of the tabby ruins nestles up to the salt marsh. Tabby homes were built in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida in the 1700’s. Tabby is made with burned oyster shells, sand, and water.


Oysters make a home in the salt marshes in Coastal Georgia.


The Colonial Village will likely interest the young visitors who find a day out looking at nature and museums boring


For I95 Georgia travelers exit #109…it’s about a 40-minute drive, and there is nowhere to eat at the site, so I suggest stopping in nearby Sandfly at my favorite barbecue restaurant in Savannah.  No need for directions because you will pass right through Sandfly.  Also, bring bug spray for the walking trails, and expect high heat and humidity in the summer.




The site is open to the public with an admission charge

Monday-Sunday 9am-5pm

Happy travels…..get off the interstates and see more than billboards….:)


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