Titanic Museum

The Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge TN , something to put on the bucket list

Pigeon Forge, TN


This past week’s unplanned, no agenda, road trip landed us in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. Famously known for “Dollywood” and tucked away in the beautiful Smokey Mountains.

My fascination with the Titanic and the impressive detail of the architecture of the museum made it my first choice of tourist sites for the day.

Upon purchasing our “boarding pass” we were identified as a passenger.  Photography was not allowed in the museum until just before exiting.  We were given headphones to listen to crew members tell the stories of the areas of the ship, artifacts, passengers, and crew.  They were very easy to use and self- controlled to select what you listen to.  Visitors are admitted in small groups which allowed  space to feel the emotion of the tragedy.

The over 12 years of age ticket cost is $26.  I will say it was every penny worth it.  Different group and family tickets are also available.

Some of my favorite parts of the tour:

Reading  letters that passengers mailed home in the first days on the ship

Looking at actual photos taken onboard

Looking at the architectural drawings of the ship

Seeing real artifacts that have been recovered

The recreation of the grand staircase only used by first class passengers

Putting my hand in the 28◦ water to really understand what the survivors felt

Reading the story and viewing the photographs of the musicians that played to the end

I would also rate it as family friendly, definitely more for older children and adults but they had some areas interactive for young children.  I would plan at least two hours once you enter.


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Hop off the Interstates, there’s so much to see 🙂



Ships and shells

The stand out size of a cargo ship is a definite attention grabber for visitors and locals visiting River Street, in Savannah Georgia.

Savannah Georgia-River Street


When visiting Savannah Georgia take a few minute break and relax on a bench along River Street.  Hopefully, you’ll have an opportunity to watch the tugboats escort of huge container ship into the Georgia Port located in Savannah.   It’s amazing to see the size of these vessels and it’s cool to wave to the crew.

South Carolina-Oyster shells


Oyster beds located on the coastline of South Carolina provide a delicacy offered on local menu’s throughout the area.  Recycling stations, landscaping, and tabby construction are good options for the re-use of the shell.


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The finest dining

America’s love for the local diner

Todays three word challenge offered by the Haunted Wordsmith is easy enough for me.

IMG_3149Since my My name is Alice and I’ve never met anyone with the name Mel,  so there’s not much to talk about there.

But, I love eating at a local diner.  One of my favorite traveling routines is to always check for a locally owned restaurant, preferably with homestyle dishes on the menu.

I’ve never been let down…..Large portions, small prices, fresh coffee all day, and a friendly wait staff.

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Summer thunderstorms

The Southeast USA expects the afternoon rain in the summer


Summer brings intense  heat, high humidity and afternoon thunderstorms to the Southeastern USA.  Late afternoon and early evening storms can be expected.  It all starts with the rumbling thunder, dark clouds and maybe a lightning flash,  the downpour follows. Don’t expect things to cool off.  Daily temperatures during July and August stay in the 90’s and evenings drop into the 70’s.

A few visitor tips:

Keep an eye on the sky for the dark clouds that roll in

Roll up your car windows if you expect to be away after 4pm

Pack an umbrella

Plan your nap for 4-5PM

Listen for the rumble if you’re at the beach because it’s a mad dash when the rain starts

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Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, New York City

America’s Parish Church


Located in New York City on 5th Ave. Between 50th and 51st Streets.

The twin steeples reaching for the Heavens, are easily recognized on the Manhattan skyline.

As stated in the Historical timeline:

1879 – St. Patrick’s Cathedral was opened formally on May 25, 1879. The newspapers hailed the new Cathedral as “the noblest temple ever raised in any land to the memory of Saint Patrick, and as the glory of Catholic America.” 

Mass is celebrated daily.  For touring information and more: Saint Patrick’s NYC


Happy travels…so much to see around this world 🙂