The Elephant On The Desert

Borrego Springs-Western Sonoran Desert-California

During a recent visit to San Diego, a day trip to the desert town of Borrego Springs offered more scenery than cactus, sand, and wildflowers. Spread out in the valley are over one hundred metal sculptures created by the artist Ricardo Breceda.

Elephant Sculpture
Metal Sculpture on the desert

To get an idea of how big these sculpture are here is one with me and the horses and one with my cousin and an elephant.

The afternoon temperature was over 90 degrees and combined with the dry air and no shade, it was not possible to walk around very long.

Bird sculpture
Bird on a nest

Even my shoes with the rubber soles felt like they were getting softer from the heat on the ground.

All the sculptures are accessible by car, but some are on sand roads. We decided against a full tour for the reason of being isolated and possibly damaging a tire on a rock.

horse sculpture
Wild desert horse

The sculptures represent animals that roamed the area in the past and those of local culture.

Borrego Springs sculptures are located 90 miles east of San Diego California.  It is a beautiful mountain drive through areas that have very few services.  Also, we did not have cell phone service near the area of the sculptures.

A bit of advice, bring many bottles of drinking water.  Just a few minutes in this environment and I became thirsty.  One bottle of water as I got back to the car did not make me feel better, I drank a few.

Here is one more interesting photo of an egg, if anyone knows what may have climbed out it would be great if you put it in the comments.

desert egg
Possibly a snake egg on the desert

Happy trails friends, thanks for walking along 🙂


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  1. That last sculpture of the horses is very beautiful, Alice, and that looks like a lot of work! Thanks so much for braving the heat! Have a nice week 🙂 🙂

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