Rental Car Return Inspection

Halfway through yesterday, and after continuously calling the rental car company only to get a busy signal I came to the conclusion they must have closed for Memorial Day.  My daughter “Sweet E the pastry chef” dropped the keys in the after hours box and left the car in their parking lot, we did not want to acrue any more days.IMG_7736

Although the branch office we used is in Germany, the company is American and likely closed for that reason.

For those that would like the beginning of the story you can read my first part by clicking here.

Since I had no success in dialing the customer service line at the US 1-800 number, it gave me a few minutes to think backward and try to be clear about the discussion of the rental terms.

The booklet does nIMG_7772ot mention anything about leaving a water bottle, and candy wrappers in the door pocket.

And it does not say anything about vacuuming  before the return inspection or going through a car wash.


Still very annoyed with the whole mess I stayed determined to speak to someone.  I finally was able to reach a customer service representative for Europe. The gentleman said the account was settled.  I asked the amount charged and it was less than expected.  Before getting too excited I asked to have an itemized bill sent to my email.  After review it was exactly what was agreed to from the very beginning.

So friends what I would say to you is get a written estimate of the charges when the reservation is made, again at pick-up, and definetly before the keys and car are handed back over to the office.

Happy to see that someone there had good sense, and even more happy that we did not get ripped off.

Happy travels for those who “Love the road”







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  1. Glad things turned out for you! I wonder how many people they try their scam on every day who don’t balk at the extra charges. Bigtime scam artists!

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