Three Ways To Trash A Rental Car

Traveling by train was our first choice for the six day journey from Germany to Czech Republic to Salzburg and then on to Munich.  After calculating the hours on the train, connections, toting luggage,  four of us decided that renting a car might be the better choice.

We started by checking websites but ended up at the office of a major franchise in the local town we were staying.  Adding the optional super insurance,  two drivers, diesel, and the boarder crossing fee we were sold on the plan.  The four of us, all seniors took the car and headed out.

The one thing we did not think about was the parking fees in each city.  The least expensive was in Munich was 30 Euro per day.

On our last day in Munich I left everyone at theIMG_7685 airport which in the GPS is listed as München.  It took a few tries to find it.  The rental car was due back by 2 PM or another day would be charged to the account.  I headed that way and arrived at 1:40 PM.  I did a quick pick up inside the car before exiting not concerned because it looked to me like a vehicle should look after six days of use.

I worked with the lady at the desk to finallize the paperwork while a second lady went out to check the car.  My conversation at the time of pick up went something like “the super insurance will cover everything even if you tow it back to the lot”.  The charge for the insurance was two hundred and two euros.

The inspector came back inside and said “you trashed the car”.  I asked if she was looking at the white SUV parked in the front.  Yes, was her reply.  I put the return on hold and walked back out to check it myself.  I removed one empty water bottle and three candy wrappers.  I also saw grass on the carpet from our shoes and that’s it.  I removed the bottle and wrappers and put them in a bag.  I went back into the office and said that I did not think that was beyond reasonable wear for six days. After a few heated exhanges she said the charge would be one hundred euros to clean it.

That charge seemed absolutely ridiculous to me, so I took the key back. I sarcastically  asked them how much they charge  to throw away the bag with the four items.

So here is the list to trash a car:

Drive in the rain

Enter the car with your shoes on

Leave snack packs in the side door pockets

Returning home I called the customer service line but after speaking with three different people no one could help because the agreement is still open.  The office of the inspector closed before I could get back from the car wash and vacuum.  So either way they got me.  My daughter went to trip advisor and I am not alone.  Others posted the same complaint.

Tomorrow when they open back up should be exciting so stay tuned.  I’ll be there at 9 am sharp unless the hotel I checked out of in Munich calls and asks me to return to make the beds before they clear my credit card deposit.




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  1. Sounds like a lucrative racket they have going on there, and they have your credit card # so pretty much can run it through unless you put a stop payment on it, which might cost you a few dollars…

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