Take time to smell the flowers, spring in the Southeast USA


My  sneeze attack this morning confused my brainy calendar.  I set myself on Monday because I’m so allergic to that day, but quickly realized it was Tuesday.  I stayed away from negative thoughts of a cold or flu and looked outside to confirm my suspicion of yellow pollen in the air.  It was twice as nice to see it all over my car and sidewalk because that means spring is almost here and the prettiest flowers with beautiful fragrance will be everywhere.


Azaleas. magnolias, camellias, and dogwoods will create a colorful canvas of scenery in the southeast during February and March. Mix it up with some sunshine and feel natures flower power to enjoy the day…..:)  You may need to bring along an antihistamine along to soothe your itching eyes.


If you happen to wander our way and want to be a bit of a “know it all” around your friends, use my cheat sheet:






For more information on the Camellia garden on Hilton Head Island:


The Coastal discovery center has an easy walking trail and is located on Hilton Head Island, S Carolina.  Exit #8 S. Carolina off the I95 travel east to Hilton Head Island and you will see more than billboards.

Happy Travels 🙂