The Narrow Road with a View

Surprisingly, I’m not dozing in the chair after last nights lack of sleep.  Yesterday was so warm and spring fever got to me.  I went to the wildlife refuge right across the river from Savannah.  I thought it would be a nice day to see some birds on the marsh.  A lot of other folks had the same idea which I was happy about because it can be very lonely once you get a mile down the narrow road.

There was a family of ducks just having the best time, so I pulled the car slightly to the side in case anyone needed to pass. I looked around before I got out because snakes are everywhere. It appeared all clear, so I stood close to my car and started taking photos.

My instinct kicked in and I stretched a little to look down the bank, and there he was laying very still.  I have lived around the alligators long enough to know that they can move fast.  I was next to my car door but still uncomfortable so I took a photo and left.


Here’s a glamour shot I took from my car window


My idea for the outing was to see birds, but the early spring has wakened the marsh.

Near the 1.5 Mile marker, a security person passed me in a truck identifying him as a worker with the Fish and Wildlife Service.  The gates are open from sun up to sun down, and this place would not be as pleasant in the dark.

At the next large area of water, there was a family of gators swimming together.  But as soon as the noise arrived Mama got the tail moving and let her presence be known.

As I get closer to the exit I spot a Heron and a family of turtles. I always enjoy seeing how nature works together with such harmony.


Last night for some reason, maybe because I just recently watched Jurassic Park, I kept getting tingling in my legs like something was crawling on me.  I could not stop thinking about how many alligators were out there and my mind just kept seeing that big one over and over again.  They may be beautiful creatures in Gods eyes but they’re really creepy looking.

The Savannah Wildlife Refuge is located on US 17, it is in South Carolina and also in Georgia.  There is no entry fee and there are parts that have walking trails.

Happy Travels 🙂  Hop off the Interstates, there are lots of good things to see


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  1. Some nice shot’s you have there. One thing I don’t have to worry about is Gators up here in PA. However, we do have some nice Wildlife Refuge’s around here. One of them is the Middle Creek Wildlife Refuge. I am following.

      1. Middle Creek is about a half hour drive for me. Right now the Snow Geese are there in force. Thousands of them stop there to rest & fuel up before going on their way. I do have Images of them. There is so many! Your Welcome, Alice. Be Well

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