Directions to Sandfly, Georgia

Savannah’s Sandfly community


As noted on the Georgia Historical Marker erected in 2003:

Established by African Americans in the nineteenth century, Sandfly is centered around the intersection of Montgomery Crossroad and Skidaway road. Many families in this community trace their ancestry to former slaves from nearby Wormsloe Plantation who bought land as free persons and established homes and churches. After 1870 Central Avenue became the main route for the Industrial Streetcar System, making Sandfly a crossroads between the city of Savannah and Wormsloe Plantation, Bethesda Home for Boys, and Isle of Hope. Sandfly continues to thrive as a historic African-American community.

Erected by Georgia Historical Society , Sandfly Community Betterment Assc., Inc.

This is a small community that I visit quite often.  Not just for the great scenery and historical sites, but it is home to my favorite barbeque restaurant.

After that dinner, its time for a walk, nearby Isle of Hope

 Wormsloe Plantation Historical Site

Directions: If you are traveling on the I95 in the State of Georgia or South Carolina exit into Savannah.

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Wear insect repellent 🙂


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  1. We were in Savannah a few weeks back. Visited Wormsloe Historical Site, and enjoyed every minute of it. We did not know of the African America city. That would have been nice, especially the barbecue. We plan to go back when it not so hot.

  2. I’m a Low-Country fan too. Spent lots of time as a kid between Charleston and Savannah, and Jekyll Island. You’re so right: definitely wear big spray! Love your pics. Thanks a bunch for joining in. 😊😊

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