The House Mouse

Our recent uninvited house guest must have slept all day and stayed up all night attacking the pantry. Every morning there were crumbs and turds to clean up.

And he apparently doesn’t like the texture of the bread crust because after chewing through the plastic bag he ate through the center of the loaf.

But his choice to come into to our home didn’t work out to well for the little fellow. My usual solution to rid of unwanted critters is to capture them and toss them outdoors. Setting them free to live but away from me.

Since I only got a glimpse of him running under the kitchen table I knew I could never catch him. To avoid the death trap I tried to get creative. Maybe I could slow him down with my blood pressure medicine. So, I crushed a teeny weeny amount and sprinkled it on a piece of cheese. I then put the cheese on a tea bag package and set it in clear view on the floor. Hopefully, he will be take a long snooze giving us time to find him.

The next day a piece of the cheese was gone and the pantry hunt was on. Unbelievable, he was no where to be found. I thought for sure it killed him and the dead smell would disclose his location. Nope, just more crumbs, turds and paper shreds on the floor the next morning.

Then I thought, “what if he is a she and more mice come”?

The choice was clear, it was time to get hubby to set the trap. I left my calming cheese out hoping he takes a bite before heading the the creamy peanut butter.

My husbands confidence in the trap led to a reminder to not open the pantry door. And I’m happy I didn’t.

Ragtag Daily Prompt/Critter

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