Introduced To American By Spanish Settlers


Pomegranate blosomihg
Pomegranate Tree flower

Eat the seeds of this fruit that has been said to bring good luck 🙂


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  1. Pomegranates are available here too, in the tropics. Our Chinese culture uses the leaves to cleanse self as a ritual after returning from a wake or funeral or prison. It means a change of luck for the prisoner and removing spirits that may be present at funerals. The fruit as in small seeds make good salad accompaniments. Hope this share tells you a bit of our local culture in Singapore or largely Asia.

  2. Lovely photos of this healthy fruit and its flower. They also grow here in Cyprus and when it’s in season I eat them every day. Although the kernels can be a bit tricky to get without it splattering red juice on the clothes 😁

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