5 Gallon Bucket Garden

“If you are looking for a simple way to grow vegetables, flowers and herbs – all without the space and time commitment a conventional garden requires, a 5-gallon bucket garden is the perfect answer

Container gardening continues to grow in popularity each and every year. Not only does it allow those who might not have the space or time for a big garden the opportunity to grow, but it’s also a great way for gardeners with physical restrictions or limitations to enjoy it as well

Growing in containers eliminates many of the tedious garden chores that can be both time-consuming and back-breaking. And it can even be more accessible if you raise up the containers with a plant stand or planter box.” To read more, click here to visit thisismygarden.com

Peppers growing in a 5-gallon bucket
5-gallon buckets

Looks like these folks got it going on.

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