Solutions For Trying Times

Thunderbolt Georgia

During this past year and a half of the Covid-19 pandemic one of the most affected gathering places were the Churches. With all the back and forth of online and in person services, mask up or no masks, separated seating, or folks having to make a reservation to attend things were a bit hectic.

In the small fishing community of Thunderbolt Georgia, five miles from downtown Savannah Georgia the College Park Baptist Church was live-streaming their bible studies and worship services.

College Park Baptist Church-Thunderbolt Georgia

The church has now been opened back up with special precautions in place, but for anyone still not ready to join in with a group, Pastor Charles O. Berry Jr. has made it simple to receive Communion.

Drive thru Communion

The congregation must be very appreciative of the leadership acting on the wisdom they received to offer such a helpful service during the most trying times.

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