Historic Hiking Trail

Tillamook State Park and University Falls Loop-Oregon

Regardless of how easy a mountain hiking trail is rated, it becomes a challenge for me. I am generally in the flat swampy marshland of the coastal southeastern United States, but not on this day. Thanks to the cool dry air the climb became easier, and the quickstep down was something to look forward to after a rest at the falls.

Tillamook State Park Oregon

The path was narrow and the green plants on both sides were in abundance.

My guide was quite comfortable having been on this loop before. Actually, I hard time keeping up with him.

Tour guide

The forest is managed by the Oregon Department of Forestry and clear-cutting some areas is part of maintaining the area.

The reward of this hike is arriving at University Falls. The sound of the water falling and running along in the creek is so relaxing. It’s a perfect spot to cool off or even try to catch a fish.

What is so interesting about this park is that it is a hand-made forest. From 1933-1951 forest fires burned the area. It is known as the “historic Tillamook burn“. A combined total of 355,000 acres burned. In the years since professional tree planters, foresters, and volunteers have worked to re-establish the forest and its resources. Helpers have planted over 72 million seedlings.

Road to University Falls trail in Tillamook Forest

The cool, cloudy wet weather in Oregon is perfect for growing moss on trees or even rocks.

Wildflowers add a hint of color among so much green

Tillamook State Park is 60 miles west of Portland Oregon. There are several trails to follow, but the University Falls trail was easy with less than 1 mile from parking to the falls. There was a slight climb on parts of it, flat areas, and the slope down. Good shoes are necessary since there were logs, rocks and a few critters along the path.


Information boards and directional signs are posted.

Thanks for walking along I hope you enjoyed the scenery of the Pacific coast range in Oregon.

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