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Beaverton Oregon-Overcoming Global Warming

Artist Hector Hernandez-working with 15 high school students

From the City of Beaverton interview with the artist Hector Hernandez :

“My intention is not to portray a beautiful world, my intention is to portray a world that is real but we can overcome problems,” says Hector Hernandez, mural artist.

Working with 15 students from Merlo Station High School, Hector Hernandez, created a mural concept that spans the solar system, early Beaverton, the threat of global warming, and technological development to a hopeful resolution for the future generation and their children. This new mural combined new technology with traditional mural methods that Hernandez learned growing up in Mexico.

The mural is 80′ wide by 13′ high and wraps around the corner of the building.

Hector Hernandez mural in Beaverton Oregon

Beaverton Oregon is located 8 miles west of Portland Oregon and is accessible by the light rail system.

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  1. Alice, do you live in the area? We have family in Tigard and Beaverton and we’re visiting there in early June. A 6 hour drive from Spokane. Anyway, what a beautiful mural, I’ll have to drive by when I’m there.

    1. I live in The Savannah/Hilton Head area. My son lives in Portland and I was visiting last week. There were many murals in that area and it has a small historic district

  2. What a wonderful and huge mural Alice. So nice that the students participated in it’s creation.
    Thanks for participating in Monday Murals.

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