Dolphin Watch

Hilton Head Island South Carolina

With our restrictions loosening up, I decided for myself that I would still stick close to home until the middle of May.  Hilton Head Island is twelve miles of coast and I am at the half way point.  I got up early with the idea that I would walk north as far as I could make it.  I used the shore, utility paths and trails through the dunes on my venture.

Atlantic Ocean coastline heading towards Port Royal Sound

As I reached the curve of the island at Port Royal Sound it was cool to watch the dolphins from the rocks.  I tried my best to get a good photo, but they move under water so you never know where they’re going to “pop” up.

Port Royal Sound
Dolphin fin in the Port Royal Sound

As I got to about mile 3 I noticed this taped off area.  This is the first time I ever saw this.  It will be interesting to come back in the winter to see how it works.

The beach changed at the Sound.  The water looked bluer to me and the sand had more pebbles.  It was restored in 2006-2007 and does not get the visitors that other beaches on the Island get because of lack of access.

Jetty’s Port Royal Sound

The birds seemed to enjoy having the beach to themselves


Before turning around because my legs were aching (4 miles) with no where to catch a taxi back.  I snapped a few sea creatures that likely washed up the night before.

As much as I enjoyed this dreamy nature walk along the beach I had to go back to , realty.  This is the Westin Beachfront Resort on Hilton Head Island.  It is a very nice hotel, just in case you get an itch to visit sometime.  It is a full service resort with all the amenities you can imaging.  Great restaurants too!

Westin Resort
Westin Resort, Spa and Golf

As I looked for a place to take a rest, I knew better than to sit on these oyster shell rocks

Oysters on the rock
Oyster shells on the rocks

I walked from 10am until 2:45Pm.  I did take a few five minute breaks but I paid the price with aching legs.

Back at the popular beach area of Folly Field, visitors are happy with restrictions  loosening up and enjoying the sunshine.

Folly Field Beach
Folly Field Beach

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all are enjoying the scenery of Coastal Carolina and Georgia.

And a big thanks to RestlessJo for keeping me fit, to keep walking drop by her site to tour some great places:

Jo’s Monday Walk

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  1. Surprised at how many people are on that beach! Ours haven’t yet reopened. Is the hotel open too? Amazed at how close the dolphins come to shore. That’s a heart-lifting sight! Beach walking can be hard on the legs but I loved the deserted bit, further away. Well done, Alice, and many thanks for sharing 🙂 🙂

    1. I was disappointed in the folks at the crowded beach. They were too close, we re all anxious I guess. The hotel is open but the pool area and takeaway food only

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