The Cleanest Screwdriver In The World

During the past five week lockdown, I ‘ve been keeping a neighbor informed of the progress of the pandemic. Without cable and internet access, she does not get the daily updates.

Recently while discussing the use of sunlight to kill germs, she did understand the idea that light and heat could sanitize. Both our grandmothers liked to hang the wash for that reason.

Yesterday she asked to borrow a few of my tools to work on a home project. This morning they were returned and sitting outside my front door with this light-hearted note.

Borrowed items during Covid 19
How to return borrowed items during Covid 19

We’re getting through this friends, let’s hang in there for a few more weeks 🙂



2 thoughts

  1. How sweet – the note is precious
    And hanging clothes outside also puts good energy into the articles (like I guess some people who are healing need to not wear clothes right out of the dryer- something to do with electrons)

  2. Mouahahaha this really made me smile 😉 How kind of your neighbour to take such precautions before returning your tools…

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