You Are Free To Leave The House Now

The talk of the town in the State of Georgia is Governor Kemp’s green light for business to open on Friday.

Looking at the days crossed off on my calendar, I get a strange feeling at the thought of this winding down. Staying at home the past 39 days, it was a challenge to avoid thinking about this monstrous disease. The fear will not go away quickly.

All through February, it was here, lurking around,
many unknowingly exposed. All the while, we went on with our lives. Shopping without fear of touching a cereal box, pumping gas, hugging friends, getting haircuts. Yet, the virus was here just like it is now. Knowing this, will folks resume life where it left off?

Understanding the need for businesses to survive and lost wages to many, my choice is to see more progress and to prepare for the “New Way.”

Everywhere we go, we will have reminders. Temperature checks before entering shops will be routine. Masks, gloves, and glasses are now a part of our wardrobe.

The Governor is getting lots of criticism for moving forward, although he states that experts are guiding him.
For those who throw political views into everything, it’s another excuse to throw hatred at a man who has to make the call of a lifetime. I can’t help to wonder that if this works out, will those same people give him a thumbs up on the “like” button.

Say prayers, send good vibes or wishes for wisdom to all the leaders throughout the world.










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  1. Yesterday I went to the dermatologist, after working from home for about 5 weeks (and counting), only going out for walks (thank God we can have lots of places to walk) and a couple of grocery story visits. It was very strange. And yet, like you say above, we may have already been exposed, and possibly even had the virus without knowing. I feel we HAVE to start moving forward, for so many reasons. And I pray that as we do move forward, that we will experience positive physical, mental and financial health in all countries around the world. 🙏🏻

      1. All they did for me was test my temperature, and make sure we sat very far apart. They didn’t make me wear a mask. It will be interesting to see where we are in a couple of months.

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