Shrimp dinner

This is a chowder I put together using what I had in the in the pantry and refrigerator.  The only thing I ran to the bridge to get was 2 pounds of fresh shrimp.  The shrimp boats go out here off the coast and you can get the shrimp at the bridge when they come to shore.

It’s not a recipe because I don’t measure anything,

chowder start
potatoes, corn, mushrooms, onion, celery for chowder

just throw it all together as much as you like into the pot.


In the soup pot add:

potatoes, chopped onion, chopped celery, mushrooms, and corn

Add butter and sauté

let the butter melt and onions soften

then add just enough water to cover the base, bring to boil then lower

While this is cooking prepare your shrimp:

First take the heads, and shell off the shrimp.

Try to get the big vein out if you can.

Season them good with what ever you like.  I use Old Bay.

When the potatoes, celery and onions are cooked add:

Milk, tabasco sauce (to taste)  and seasoned shrimp

Cook for about 20 minutes to flavor the broth and yummy

That’s dinner 🙂

Easy breezy

You can use frozen shrimp, but fresh or frozen don’t add them until the end because they cook fast

I also though the next time I may chop some fresh red pepper and forget about the tabasco sauce




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