Georgia’s Peach Of A Beach

Tybee Island Pier and Pavilion-Savannah Georgia

Hello friends.  Here it is the third week in September in Savannah,  we are still having summer temperatures of over Ninety degrees.  Curious to see how the beach held up with the brushing of hurricane Dorian, a walk on the fishing pier at Tybee Island offers a great view.  A beach renourishment will take place November 2019 to replenish the shoreline as Hurricane Matthew and Tropical Storm Irma did quite a bit of damage. Recently, the dunes have been restored, as they act as a front line of defense against storm surge

The pier is a favorite fishing spot for locals but it’s also an event venue, picnic area, people-watching location, and if you’re hanging out on the beach you can grab a lunch and get in the shade on the pavilion.

The pier has seats along the way and a covered area with picnic tables at the end of the pier.  Sinks are available to clean fish, and a Georgia fishing license is required.

There is a lifeguard/first aid station at the entrance of the pier and a hurricane category marker for storm surge.


Here are the history markers posted in the pavilion giving the history of the original 1891 Tybrisa Pavilion and the 1996 Tybrisa II.

And if all the salt air, sunshine and beach walking makes you hungry there are many restaurants and cafes on the island.  I usually would have enjoyed a vanilla ice cream but being so close to the Crab Shack, I could not resist a dish of steam clams.

Steamed clams
Crab Shack Savannah Georgia

Thanks for walking along this fantastic Atlantic Ocean Beach, don’t forget to shake the sand out of your shoes πŸ™‚


Jo’s Monday Walk

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  1. Although our landscape is very similar the style and surrounds are completely different in the States. I do like your pier and pavilion but they’d be totally out of keeping here. Funny, isn’t it? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Your sea still looks quite rough. We caught just a hint of the tail end of the hurricane, and have had very high tides since then but no damage anywhere. Touch wood! You never know what’s coming!

  2. I was there a few years ago when they were filming Bay Watch the move and they were pretending it was a beach in Florida. It was funny to see all the sign saying it was Florida. We actually saw The Rock in the distance. It is a lovely spot. πŸ™‚

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