Sixteen Thousand Steps Through Prague

Prague Czech Republic

During my visit to Germany my sister suggested we drive to Prague, a quick two hours from out home base in Bavaria.  Berlin was at this point still on the top of my favorites list but I thought may as well because I’m not sure I’ll ever get back this way.  We stayed at the Michaelangelo Grand Hotel that was absolutely fabulous. It is located within walking distance of some of the most breathtaking architecture I have ever seen.  Upon arrival they greeted us with refreshments, they also had private parking, twenty four hour reception and a bar close to the lobby.

After a good nights sleep we were out bright and early and walked until dark.  Two sights that we did not want to miss were the Medieval Astronomical Clock and the John Lennon wall.

The walk through the old city was surreal.  My sister commented at one point that she felt like she was in a movie scene.  The variation of the age of the buildings from very old to very new blended together perfectly.  Also, it was surprising how affordable things were, and please note that they do not use the Euro.

Chimney cake is a local favorite and all the walking gave me a good excuse to try this tasty snack.

The Vltava River splits the city so over the Charles River we walked.  It was beautiful, and entertaining with musicians and monuments.

As my fitbit set off fireworks I was ready to sit down and have a big dinner. The traditional dumplings, gravy and roast beef were a good choice.  Delicious with a Budweiser off the tap.  🙂

I passed on dessert since I had a box of chocolate waiting at the hotel.


Friends I would never have thought about touring this city but I have to say it was a pleasant surprise and a great time.  No worries if you are not up to 16,000 steps, there other ways to get around.

Have a great summer, and wishes to wear out your comfy shoes.


Jo’s Monday walk

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