The Farmers Market

Bluffton South Carolina

It doesn’t get much better than a walk through a local farmers market on a warm and sunny day in December.  Bluffton South Carolina is a coastal community located between Savannah Georgia and Charleston South Carolina.  Known for their local shrimp, crabs, and fish, you can also buy fruits, vegetables, bread, pastries, candy, honey, and locally made products.

For a special treat, I had a bowl of She-crab soup for lunch.

To order this local favorite online, or locate a nearby restaurant  click here

The community itself is one of the fastest growing in South Carolina but continues to embrace its history by preserving the past and its architectural charm of another era of time.
Thanks for walking along with me

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  1. I’m jealous…but, thanks for sharing despite my envy! I enjoyed the warmth of your post!

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