Sleep Tight

As “Sweet Lil” ran out the front door to catch the school bus she said “bye Grandma and thanks for the great nights sleep”.

Jar of water
Keep the bad spirits away

I was quite curious of that comment. It started to make sense when I went into her room to make the bed.  On the nightstand there sat a half filled  bottle of water.  Now, you make think the explanation for this is “malarkey” but I”ll tell it to you anyway.

The evening before the children were watching a program on Netflix  that was a little bit scary.  The kind with ghosts and hauntings and all that good stuff.  “Sweet Lil”, hides behind the sofa when the scary stuff is going on.  I told her there was no need to hide,  that if she ever gets an unexplainable feeling of something bad nearby just “shoo it away”.  Then I went on to tell her that my Mom always slept with a glass of water near her bed.  She believed that all her guardian angels enjoyed a sip as they watched over her during the night.

I’ve never known my Mom to be wrong.

Warm wishes for big yawns




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