The perfect life

Recently, a good friend of mine contacted me to let me know that she was dropping off of social media. With a busy work schedule and a mother of three, she felt that it was becoming apparent to her that it was time wasted.  It was important to her that she let me know about going offline.  Worried that I would make an assumption that she “unfriended “or “blocked” me when I noticed her accounts gone.  All this sparked my curiosity, as it came across in a gloomy tone.  Returning the gesture of good friendship I asked her if all else was going well.  Her reply was that she always thought her happy life was as good as it could get, but after reading how everyone else has a perfect love life, perfect children and no worries in the world, she just couldn’t help but feel like she was failing at everything.
My advice to her was clear, “if the reading of a status post of others has affected you to this point, you are making the right decision”.  More than likely, much of what you read is true, but the delivery of messages in a brief statement does not relay everything about one’s life.  The struggles are different for each of us.  My perfect world is a reflection of everything I have lived, if we trade places it could be your misery.


At the end of the day, my friends do not look at my web traffic, or how many times I “like” what they post. When I speak, write or act,  I’m sincere in hope to bring joy to someone’s day.

Maybe my friend will take a break to lift her spirit and make a comeback with a clear calm mind.

Warm wishes


thank you to the following for hosting these challenges