Today is the day


Over one year has passed since I have hugged my grandchildren.  Tonight they arrive back in the US.  My hope and prayers to soothe my aching arms and calm their confused thoughts is happening.

When their Dad passed away in 2010, losing his battle with PTSD, I moved from the role of “Grandma” to co-parenting with my daughter.  A one year old granddaughter, a 2 year old grandson and the youngest was born three months after the tragic day.

The whole story is very complicated and sad.  One day I will write it, when my emotions can convey to words that will help others. Anger still has a hold of me, but I’m working on that.

The reflection of sunshine on this flower is warming my soul and today I will think happy.  The healing in our family has to begin.  Soon to find out if there really is “uncondtional love” between a mother and daughter.

Cee’s flower of the day

Flowers photographed in Springfield Georgia




Help from above


Munich Germany-St Cajetan’s


Our Lady of Victory-Lackawanna NY  (church of 1000 angels)




Stella Maris, Sullivan’s Island South Carolina

Domes: “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge”


The decades of my life

Music calms the mind and brings back good memories of your life.

IMG_3521In Retrospect

I never would imagine in my younger years that my car radio would be tuned in 24 hours a day. On top of that, I can now place myself in any decade of my life by listening to the variety “oldies” channels.

The years leading up to my pre-teens from my best recollection had very little worries or stress. I’m sure my parents carried that load.

Then real life kicked in along with boyfriends, teen dances and loads of homework from school.
The lucky thing keeping a distance from anyone was as easy as taking your phone off the hook.
College days, serious relationships and decisions with repercussions came along, and we were shaking out heads for real and not just typing SMH.
Next came full life in motion and I jumped in with both feet and have been rolling full steam ever since.

But in any event, I slow down easily by turning on the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s channel just about anywhere. Music can change my mood in a second. Without a doubt, I have had rough times, but for some reason, I always remember the good and fun memories.

So, when my day is not going well I just remind myself that in 10 years, the worries of today will be the songs of tomorrow.

Thank a babyboomer for sharing love, compassion and peace  for all people 🙂

Feel free to sing along: