Inspiration Stump

Lily Dale Assembly NY

Inspiration Stump
Inspiration Stump-


Inspiration Stump is a retreat found at the end of the calm and quiet trail of the Leolyn Woods. It is not unusual to become more aware of the spiritual energies while in an open and receptive state at the Stump.  You are invited to participate in the service held twice a day in the grove at no charge.

Demonstrations of mediumship are presented by the mediums giving short messages to those in the audience.  These services have been held since 1898. As well as possibly receiving a message of meaning at Inspiration Stump, you may well renew your own Spiritual energies. Spiritual awareness is available to everyone. Please show consideration for the mediums who are working and for those who are receiving messages by refraining from unnecessary noise or movement that disrupts the flow of energy.

In the event of inclement weather, a bell will be rung to indicate the  location of service

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Inspiration Stump
Lily Dale NY-Inspiration Stump

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