Black Friday shopping frenzy

 Fill up the shopping cart


Hello October! You will have a brief period of time to show off your changing colors, scary Halloween decorations, hay bales, cotton fields, sunflowers, and pumpkins.  Soon enough the stored away Christmas lights, holiday tunes will be taking over.  Anxious shoppers and retailers alike are already making plans for this year’s bargains.

Black Friday is not only a time to get all of your shopping finished for less than you would expect to spend, for some shoppers it’s a holiday tradition.  Large retailers jump right in and assist with making this a fun event.  Customers wearing their pajamas to shop at 12:01 am are greeted by organized parking areas, aisles clearly marked for the specials they are offering and best of all those great newspaper circulars that edge on the urgency.  The best deals usually have a “limit” per customer so everyone gets a chance and no one goes home disappointed.

It will be here before you know it, time to make that list.










FOWC with Fandango — Limit


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