Doctors orders

I was not at all surprised when the nurse said my blood pressure was troubling high.  Anxiety had set in two days earlier when the doctor’s office called me to come in for a follow up from the routine blood work I had drawn a few days earlier.  It is customary for them to mail a letter with a summary unless a result is out of the normal range.


When the doctor entered and after our greeting, I told her my blood pressure was higher than ever.  She replied and “that’s not all that’s high”  The blood work showed my cholesterol numbers were elevated, and she suggested a serious change of diet.  As much as I like food especially chipscandy, pasta, bread and everything delicious, I’m willing to give it my best try.

My first stop today was the bookstore to get some new recipes.  With the help of a sales clerk who lost 50 pounds this past year, we decided on a book he suggested that will help my gradual changes.

My next stop was Whole Foods (or as I call it Whole lotta dough).  With my new cookbook in hand, I bought salmon, beanslow-fat cheese, paper thin crackers, tasteless sparkling water and for dessert a bar of dark chocolate candy.  Any kind of white potato is out so that takes the crisps off the “yes” list.

I closed my eyes as I hurried past the pizza counter.  The check out aisle was challenging too.  I headed straight home and cooked my first heart-healthy lunch.  I had a piece of baked chicken, and an artichoke and olive salad.

Wish me luck and any quick easy recipes will be appreciated, I have three months to get this right or it’s medicine time.


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  1. The same thing happened to me a few years ago and my doctor put me on blood pressure medicine right away. I was also borderline diabetic and she wanted to put me on meds for that, too. However, I asked if I could try eating better and lose weight and see what happened. I found the Dash Diet ( When I went back to the doctor six months later I had lost 20 pounds and all my tests came back normal. She even took me off my blood pressure meds! There’s several recipes out there that are low sodium. I hope that helps. I wish you all the best with your health!

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