Titanic Museum

Pigeon Forge, TN

Titanic Museum
Titanic Museum-Pidgeon Forge Tennessee

This past week’s unplanned, no agenda, road trip landed us in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. Famously known for “Dollywood” and tucked away in the beautiful Smokey Mountains.

My fascination with the Titanic and the impressive detail of the architecture of the museum made it my first choice of tourist sites for the day.

Upon purchasing our “boarding pass” we were identified as a passenger.  Photography was not allowed in the museum until just before exiting.  We were given headphones to listen to crew members tell the stories of the areas of the ship, artifacts, passengers, and crew.  They were very easy to use and self-controlled to select what you listen to.  Visitors are admitted in small groups which allowed space to feel the emotion of the tragedy.

Over 12 years of age ticket cost is $26.  I will say it was every penny worth it.  Different group and family tickets are also available.

Some of my favorite parts of the tour:

Reading  letters that passengers mailed home in the first days on the ship

Looking at actual photos taken onboard

Looking at the architectural drawings of the ship

Seeing real artifacts that have been recovered

The recreation of the grand staircase only used by first-class passengers

Putting my hand in the 28◦ water to really understand what the survivors felt

Reading the story and viewing the photographs of the musicians that played to the end

I would also rate it as family- friendly, definitely more for older children and adults but they had some areas interactive for young children.  I would plan at least two hours once you enter.


Bee Happy 🐝



Hop off the Interstates, there’s so much to see 🙂



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  1. I also had never heard of this museum and wouldn’t expect it in a dinky town like Pigeon Forge! It looks really interesting. Too bad you weren’t allowed to take photos inside. Thank you for telling us about your experience and what you liked most.

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