Clairvoyant Clock channels message


“Cross my heart and hope to die. Stick a needle in my eye.”

During my downsizing  last year I made all efforts to find a  family member to take my Mom’s vanity.  It was one with a tapestry stool and three positioning mirrors.
I posted it on a community yard sale site and it got a hit quickly from a “shabby chic” furniture refinisher.
The buyer and her husband came to my home to gather their treasure. As they packed and loaded it my daughter and I continued cleaning the dining room.  On my buffet sat a grandmother clock passed down to us from my in-laws.   We never used it because you had to wind it up with a key everyday and it just seemed like a lot of work.

As the buyers carried the base of the vanity through the dining room to get out into the garage,  I saw it go by and  I sighed.  Then I looked up and said out loud “Louise, you never liked that vanity anyway “. Louise was my Mom.
At that very moment, we all  heard a soft lullaby sound. I asked my daughter if that was her cell phone ringtone.
She said, “no I don’t know where it’s coming from”. We looked around and then she pointed to the clock, and said: “it’s coming from that thing”. It was just for a few seconds but unlike anything I can describe.  Not only the sound of the moment was surreal,  but the air in the room seemed still.
My daughter looked puzzled and it took us both a minute to shake back to reality.
As the day moved on I felt in touch with my Mom.  I  just kept thinking she was happy to see that vanity go.

When my husband returned home I was still in a slight fog.  Curiosity had the best of me and I told him what happened.  He gets the clock key. and winds it up.   We set it to the hour expecting to hear a heavenly tune. Instead a soothing chime played but not music.   He looked inside for a music box, or a separate setting.  It was just not there. We could find no explanation for the heavenly sound.

It’s just one of those things that you can only hope will happen again and again. Touched my spirit….




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