Graceful Fingers

The sound of a typewriting tossing out words takes me back to my high school days.

I recall being so excited to take typing and shorthand because these were classes that would help me step out into the secretarial world.

My teacher was retirement age and very particular. The class would always start the same way. All the girls were sitting with the correct posture looking towards the blackboard. Then we would begin taping the keys to the rhythm of “a-s-d-f-g-‘-;-l-k-j-h”. And if you’re wondering why I said “girls”, it’s because there were no boys in the secretarial courses. That’s just the way it was back in the 1960’s.

I did quite well in that class. Since we have moved on to the computer keyboard, folks are surprised that I can watch tv without ever looking down when composing a blog post. And the only time I got in trouble was for turning in a paper with a strike over. That was unacceptable. We didn’t have erasable ribbon or White Out to fix and spelling error. To correct a misspelled word, I typed correct letter over a wrong letter and that gave me a failing grade on the paper.

So, that’s the way it was, all of us young ladies hoping to one day put the skill of speedy, accurate typing to work.

Here’s a short clip with that soothing sound of clicking as fast as you can to ring the bell.

Yes, the Typewriter was used in almost all offices and provided clear and legible documents.

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  1. I was that student in the 70s. Still used some of the old manuals, but during high school it slowly switch over to electric typewriters. I love the rhythm of a skilled typist and a manual typewriter, such a lovely rhythm and music to my ears. I miss those days. 😀 😀

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