Yellow, Red, Stop!

Ocala Florida

I have always feared encountering a coral snake while visiting walking trails and the Southeastern United States swamps. The bright, colorful snake stands out, unlike many native snakes that camouflage well in the woods. 

As I relaxed on my relatives’ pool deck, drinking my morning coffee, I had to take a double take to process what was within a few feet of where I sat. Against the white concrete, there was no mistaking this highly poisonous snake. The popular rhyme “red and yellow kill a fellow” came to mind.

Remaining calm, I slid the chair back, which made a noise, and the snake slipped into the pool. That’s when I dashed for the patio door.

The photos are less vibrant than the snake appears because I took them with my iPhone 13 Zoom through the glass door. It was quite a treat to see this small but mighty creature.

Coral Snake
Florida Coral Snake

The coral snakes venom is highly toxic. It is considered a neurotoxin and will cause extreme pain. Medical attention is needed immediately to avoid death.

To have the snake relocated to the wilderness, a Florida Wildlife officer came to his rescue.

Happy trails 🙂


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