Leave Only Your Foot Prints

This quote is heard often and are words that will carry on throughout time.

As good stewards of the earth we can all do our part for generations to come to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Sand dunes provide a natural barrier to the coastline. Walking on the dunes can harm the plants that hold the sand together, so please use the pathways.

Folly Field Beach-Hilton Head Island South Carolina the seagulls rest on the hard packed sand which makes a natural runway for the birds to land and take off with the wind.

A Beatles fan leaves their Foot prints in the sand on the bank of the beautiful May River in Bluffton South Carolina.

May River, Bluffton South Carolina.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you are enjoying the sites of Coastal Georgia and South Carolina 🙂


Ragtag Daily Prompt/Sand

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