Taking Off

Shelter Cove Community Park-Hilton Head Island South Carolina

Savannah’s mild winter has returned and I was ready to take in the blue sky and sunshine. It has been some time since I walked the pathway at Broad Creek, and was surprised that it now extends to the Hilton Head Veterans Park.

Veterans Memorial
Veterans Memorial Hilton Head Island South Carolina

I started my walk close to the new aluminum sculpture recently placed along the marsh.

The pathway has seating and is wide enough for bicycles to pass walkers.

The Christmas tree stays up until all the visitors leave after the New Year.

One of my favorite things about walking along the marsh is being accompanied by the beautiful birds that make you aware of their presence without being a bother.

Yes, by land or sea it’s a beautiful place 🙂

To walk a bit further stop by and say hello to Jo at:

Jo’s Monday Walk

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  1. Love the sculpture, Alice. It’s always good to get close to the wildlife without being intrusive. Thanks so much for sharing and I hope that ’23 is kind to you. Happy New Year!

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