Nature’s Magic

Tom Triplett Park-Garden City Georgia

Mushrooms spring up quickly after a good rain, and Savannah has had plenty of it in the past two weeks. While walking along the lake today, the mushrooms were outstanding with all the summer colors.

They all looked good enough to eat. But the rule is, “if you can’t identify it, don’t eat it.”

Here are two choices if you can’t resist. First, you can consult with a mushroom expert to get the go-ahead to eat. Second, you can eat a handful and if you’re responsive after a few hours you likely made it out of the woods. Although, it can take days to become ill.

The other risk of eating unknown mushrooms is that some cause hallucinations. Back in the psychedelic days they were referred to as magic mushrooms. Netflix has a documentary about the use of these mushrooms to treat anxiety and depression.

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