With medication adjustments it’s not unusual to feel unwanted side effects while your body gets used to the changes. If nausea happens to be one of them and you choose to explore natural remedies here is one you may want to try.

Ginger Candy

The “Ginger People” make a variety of flavors with ginger in both hard candy or soft chews.

Supercharged with more fresh ginger than any other brand, Gin Gins® Ginger Candy are the ultimate functional treat. Great for tummy troubles, nausea and digestion, these delightfully spiced candies are stimulating, useful and absolutely delicious.” To check it out click here.

My attempts last week to alleviate nausea with ginger ale. gatorade, probiotics, and seltzer all failed. I found this product at the Fresh Market, and after chewing just one followed by a tall glass of water I found relief.

Works for me 🙂


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