Lost In Alligator Country

Twin City Georgia

With the arrival of spring in the southeast US, my spirit comes alive with the surrounding sounds of nature awakening. Saturday morning began with a light mist, but the afternoon called for a warm and sunny forecast.
My two sidekicks, Wil and Lil, asked to check out the George L. Smith State Park in Twin City, Georgia. Good choice, and only a one-hour and fifteen-minute drive from home.

George L Smith State Park
Georgia State Park-Deer Run Trail

The marked trail with pine straw on the ground and blue marks on the trees would be hard to wander from in the daylight.
But somewhere, there must have been a fork in the road, and we took a long way around. When an hour passed and everything started to look the same, I expressed concern to my fellow explorers. My instinct knew that our hike was well past the mile marker.

Hiking Trail

The sun had come out, and it was directly upon us. There seemed to be many shuffling noises in the woods, so maybe it was time to get some guidance out; thank goodness for cell phone service.

I called the ranger station and told them I could see a power line in the distance and assured them we were still on the trail. They were accommodating and even led me through a utility easement to take a shortcut back to the parking area.
Happy to say it will be something the kids will laugh about for a long time.

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