Three Foot Tall Bird

Hilton Head Island South Carolina

Jarvis Creek Park

The Southeast Coast is showing signs of spring with warm temperatures and the wildlife appearing out in the wide open. The alligators that have been tucked away may also make an appearance , so getting close to the edge of the lake for a photo is too risky. It’s not unusual to see the herons on the island but this one is taller than most that I have seen.

Blue Heron standing on the edge of a lake on Hilton Head Island
Blue Heron at Jarvis Creek Park
Blue Heron on Hilton Head Island

I surprised myself with the last photo. The gray feathers on this heron have a bluish tint, but this beauty is sporting “blue feathers” on top.

Have a great day, thanks for stopping by, and I hope you are enjoying the sites of Coastal Georgia and South Carolina.


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