Tapped In A Dream

My dream had taken me back to my childhood and in the company of my great aunt. We were riding along the main bus line, looking out the window for our favorite clothing store. People were bustling along on the sidewalks clutching their shopping bags full of goodies from bakeries, candy stores, and other small businesses. I was so excited as my aunt stood to pull the cord that alerted the bus driver of our stop.

Then the alarm clock beeped. My foggy mind thought, “no” I’m having too much fun!

Later that morning, as I drank my coffee, the dream stayed with me. I felt like I had just left a visit with an old friend I hadn’t seen in years. I tried to remember if the bus ride was reminiscent of a place I may have been before. But if so, it would have been a long time ago.

Two months later……

Happy that I made my way to visit my hometown this summer, I kept a stressless agenda. I planned to do some sightseeing, walk the parks and visit a few friends. But as it goes, I happened to get a migraine headache that required a visit to an urgent care. So, I made the appointment and put the office address into my car’s GPS. I somehow missed a turn along the route and just followed the main road until I could find a place for a legal U-turn. That didn’t happen, so I turned when I reached the next main intersection with a traffic light.

Within seconds I got chills and was stunned. It was the street in my dream. Overwhelmed, I drove until I could safely pull over. At that moment, I thought of how beautiful life is. Something unexplainable was happening. And that’s when I noticed the mural “you are not alone.”

I hope this real-life story lifts you up in troubled times.


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  1. That is an awesome story, Alice! And I so hope you got the help you needed to alleviate the migraine. 🤗 …and enjoy the rest of your visit.

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