Feed Five Kids Lunch For Under $5.00

Just like the Moms in the neighborhood would make for the backyard picnic.

1 Pack of 10 hotdogs-$2.24

1 Package store brand hot dog buns (8) $1.01at Publix

Grab a few condiments from the deli

1 Bag of Great Value potato chips (8 servings) .092

0.49 for a pack of the kool-aid mix (grape is my favorite)

Total $4.66

The simple way to make a juicy hot dog is to cut a few slits in it and set it in a pot of water. Bring it to a boil and once they plump up, they’re ready.

hotdogs-an alltime favorite

Did I mention that the cook gets to break the budget with a cold beer 🙂

Word of the day/Juicy