Using Caution In Calm Waters


Catching the ocean tide at just the right time may produce a small puddle that can be enjoyable for young children to play in or a comfortable place to soak your toes.

But taking the time to use a tide chart before going to the beach can be really helpful. Knowing which way the water is flowing is a safety measure to avoid a dangerous situation.

Tide Information

In the US tide movements can be found at the website of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Some beach areas that are known for deadly currents or flooding will post danger signs and visitors should heed the warnings. The ocean is a force of nature and rip currents may not be seen from the shore. Here is a sign from Sullivans Island in South Carolina.

Stay out of water

Here is another tidalpool that formed around some rocks on Hunting Island South Carolina.

Hunting Island South Carolina

Low tide on Hunting Island

Have a blast at the beach, and keep it safe. 🙂


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