Stuck To The Kitchen Wall

See this strange-looking thing? Yes, my friends, this is a telephone. For many of us, it was attached to the kitchen wall, back in the day when home-cooked meals were popular.

Check out how sophisticated this is. The numbers are suitable for all age groups, and there’s a volume control on the bottom since it does not come with a speaker option. The short cord offers privacy, you can whisper without being rude to others in the room. It also brought the family together. When it rang everyone came running out of their rooms to answer it, and sometimes cuddled together to all say hello to the caller. The kitchen phone was never lonely. Family members divided up the use of time, allowing the line to have open time. After all, it was not polite to have a caller hear a busy signal for more than a few minutes.

Before the telephone became portable, times were not bad, actually not bad at all.

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