Be A Sea Turtle Hero

Islanders Beach-Hilton Head Island South Carolina

The Hilton Head Island Sea Turtle Patrol and Turtle Trackers work hard to educate beachgoers of the dangers of not filling in sand holes and leaving plastic items behind on the beach. Sea turtle nesting season begins in May and locals do all they can to protect the nests.

Turtle nest Coastal South Carolina

The volunteer groups who comb the beach and collect left behind items decided to use the opportunity to teach. They installed a toy box to furnish visitors with toys. A message to return them to the bin or take them home helps folks understand that they should not end up in the ocean. Also, there is a QR code on the toy box that visitors can scan to learn more about the turtle nesting programs.

Toy box at Islanders Beach Hilton Head Island
Beach Toy Borrow Bin-Hilton Head Island

As you can see from the little ones in this photo the program is proving to be a great success!

Sea Turtle Heroes

Thumbs up to the volunteers who thought up a win-win for the turtles and the toys.


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