Sticker Shock

This week’s grocery shopping trip was quick and easy. Two words that best describe the visit, “sticker shock.” No kidding. Friends, ribeye steaks were $15.99 per pound. Holy cow, it must be! A twelve-ounce package of bacon was $5.99. This stopped me in my tracks. I made my way to the deli, where I purchased a rotisserie chicken for $6.99, which I can get two meals and a pot of soup.

On the way home, I stopped at a farm store. The supermarket has a good produce area, and the prices are still reasonable, but I like to support the local folks when possible.

Georgia sweet corn

As I walked towards my car with bags in hand, the thought of following a vegetarian menu came to mind. If the meat prices stay on the current trend of heading up, it may be one of those times that I might say “when life gives you corn make a soufflé.” Sounds fancy and tastes good too.

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      1. Oh wow. We don’t eat red meat too much, but that would be so tough for the business! I did hear on the news of a steakhouse in NY not offering steak!

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